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  1. Since I have a .308 and a 45-70 I'd say get the .308 if your talking mostly range time for the gun and your right, unless you reload the 45-70 can get pretty expensive. but it so so fun to shoot. srt 10 jimbo, Dec 1, 2012. srt 10 jimbo, Dec 1, 2012. Dec 1, 2012 #4 . Sparky680 G&G Addict. 937 8. dallas. I had a 308 and have shot a 45-70. With my shorter stocky frame neither recoil was a problem.
  2. The 308 autoloader is much easier to get (swift, up close) repeat hits with, vs the 45-70 lever action. The 308 has less recoil in the first place, the gas-op auto action soaks up some of the felt recoil, and the lever action takes a lot longer to cycle and a lot more practice to get fast hits. The 45-70 ammo is COMICALLY overpriced. Just the reloading components for 45-70 cost as much as.
  3. Le 45-70 régnait quasi en maître absolu sur le continent américain jusque vers 1892 où commencèrent à apparaître les premières munitions à douille métallique chargées à la poudre sans fumée telle que la cartouche de calibre 30-40 Krag qui vint se substituer à la bonne vieille 45. La 45-70 conservait cependant ses inconditionnels qui ne souhaitaient pas adopter un calibre de.
  4. Battle of the Black Bear Cartridges: .308 Win. vs. .338 Federal vs. .45-70 Govt. Which one of these popular rounds will be named the best all-around black bear hunting cartridge. By Ron Spomer. October 11, 2019. More Guns. Latest. Hunting. A Strategy for Hunting Mature Bucks on Public Land (That Actually Works in the Real World) Guns . The 9 Best Aftermarket Modifications for Your Concealed.

More Powerful is sometimes hard to define when we're talking about ammunition. In general, the .30-06 is faster and delivers more energy at distance than the .45-70. A spitzer-nosed (pointed) .30-06 round, weighing between 150 and 220 grains, le.. 308 vs. 45/70 govn't... User Name: Remember Me? Password: Forum Rules: Firearms Safety: Firearms Photos: Links: Library: Lost Password: Email Changes: Register: FAQ: Calendar: Search: Today's Posts: Mark Forums Read: Page 1 of 2: 1: 2 > Thread Tools: Search this Thread: September 10, 2002, 03:39 PM #1: SkaerE . Senior Member . Join Date: July 22, 2001. Location: Va. Posts: 166 308 vs. 45/70. I've shot 308's, 30-06's, 45-70's, and 30-30's. If the primary goal is target shooting and the minor role is hunting, I'd choose a bolt action in .308. As for me, I'd look at the Rem 700s or Winchester 70s as both are good solid rifles that will last you a lifetime. Based on my personal preferences, I'd choose neither of your two choices (308, 45-70). My first choice would be a Marlin 30-30. www.balistique-joel-serre.fr/ - http://www.balistique-joel-serre.fr .45-70 VS .308 or: I've got a case of Iwannanewgunitis. Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by Skofnung, Oct 23, 2004. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Skofnung Member. Joined: Jun 19, 2003 Messages: 1,135 Location: Atlanta Area. Ok. I have most of my shooting bases covered. I have several milsurps, an EBR, a hunting rifle, and a myriad of other niche rifles to play with. Here is.

The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .30-30 Winchester vs .45-70 Government ammo rounds. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight, or jacketing type. As such, the following is for comparative information. Battle of the Black Bear Cartridges: .308 Win. vs. .338 Federal vs. .45-70 Govt. Outdoor Life. Outdoor Life. Friday, 11 October 2019 (Left to right) .308 Winchester, .338 Federal, .45-70 Government. (Ron Spomer/) Losing sleep over which black bear cartridge to choose? You have company. Hunters probably fret more over the best black bear cartridge than any other. And why not? Large canine teeth. We go head to head with these Monster cartridges , to see who is crowned the victor! 45/70 vs 300 win mag! The 300 Winchester Magnum is a heavy hitter with t..

The .45-70 rifle cartridge, also known as .45-70 Government, was developed at the U.S. Army's Springfield Armory for use in the Springfield Model 1873, which is known to collectors as the Trapdoor Springfield.The new cartridge was a replacement for the stop-gap .50-70 Government cartridge which had been adopted in 1866, one year after the end of the American Civil Wa File:.45-70vs.308.svg. Jump to navigation Jump to search. File; File history; File usage ; Size of this PNG .45-70-405, BC .21, MV 1350 f/s, 320' elevation plotted against 7.62x51mm 168gr BTHP, BC .484, MV 2500 f/s, elevation 78' Both bullets cross zero elevation about 1580 yards out: Date : 1 June 2006 (original upload date) Source: Originally from en.wikipedia; description page is/was. 308 makes me a little nervous with a black bear, but the 18 barrel would be hell with a 45-70. I'd take the 308 and some heavy loads with you in case you sight a bear. The 45-70 is nice, but not that barrel length! 308 accuracy is MUCH better than the 45-70 also

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  1. .45-70 was developed in 1873. It is also known as .45-70-405 which means 405 grain, .45 caliber bullet and being pushed by 70 grains of black powder. This special powder can propel the bullet to 1350 fps of muzzle velocity. Regard to the kinetic energy, it is around 1600 ft/lbs. Wait
  2. Cheap 45 70 Ammo Vs 308 And Ar 308 Ammo Ebook download. Home; Category. Sale. Rated 5.00 out of 5. 45 70 Ammo Vs 308 And Ar 308 Ammo. Description.
  3. gton 45/70 405 gr blackpowder equivalent load will probably out-penetrate anything but an FMJ out of the 270. Also, we didn't get into the recoil of the 45/70 +P/Magnum.
  4. A 45/70 will have 19 to 25 or almost double the 30--30 in some loadings. If it is just to have a longarm to go with your 45 Colt, you might want to consider a 45 Colt levergun. I handload for 45 Colt, 45/70 and 30-30 among numerous others. The 45/70 is one of my favorites for hunting, but the 45 Colt goes out the door with me most times afield
  5. One .45-70 load approximates the performance of the original .45-70 Govt black powder loading of a 405 grain bullet (.307 BC) at 1350 feet per second while the other is a 325gr Hornady LEVERevolution factory load (.230 BC). The .30-06 Springfield load is a 150 grain Nosler Partition (.387 BC) at 3,000 feet per second
  6. Hunting Rifle Calibers Explained - 204 Ruger to 45-70 Govt . Short Action vs. Long Action. There are two families of non-magnum rifle calibers. Short action such as the .308 Winchester. This is the parent to a lot of different cartridges. There is also the .223 as a short action. For a long action, there is a 25-06, based off of the 30-06 parent case but with a 25 caliber bullet. If you have.
  7. Magnum Research BFR 45-70 Revolver. Barrel Length - 10.00 in. DoubleTap Ammunition 45-70 300 Grain Barnes TSX. Muzzle Velocity Shot 1 - 1731 fps Shot 2 - 1724 fps Shot 3 - 1707 fps Shot 4 - 1729 fps Shot 5 - 1733 fps Average - 1724 fps Muzzle Energy - 1979 ft. lbs. Ballistic Gel Penetration (10% Gel) - 32.00 inche

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  1. e, so have no comment there. But a factory loaded Corbon is really a beast in them!! In the .444, stay away from the 240 grain hollow points, and they are.
  2. The .45-70 cartridge has been around for 140 years and is certainly not what most would consider an example of modern ballistic performance. Most loads sighted 3 high at 100 yards will drop nearly a foot at 200 yards. Yet, in spite of its less than impressive performance, it is a popular choice among sport shooters and hunters. Nearly every historical single shot replica is chambered for.
  3. 45-70 does have the advantage of originally being a black powder cartridge, which means you can load it very light or even use black powder loads for less recoil and still have that big fat slug going downrange. Factory 45-70 ammo is typically made very weak too so you don't even have to reload to get this advantage. Leverevolution ammo will also help with the rainbow trajectory, though you.
  4. 45-46.25 What Makes a Best .308/7.62 Rifle? This of course is a highly subjective and loaded question. What is good for a trained sniper, is simply pointless for a once a year good weather deer hunter, while a long distance match shooter may choose a different type of gun than the sniper. Personal taste, tradition, local culture, end use, budget, and so much more all must be considered when.
  5. Concluding the .308 Vs .30-06 Debate. After all these years, does the .308 vs .30-06 debate makes sense and should it continue? On one hand, no. The average shooter looking for a top-notch hunting cartridge to handle dang near any game in North America or connect at 1,000 yards out will be served well by either .30-caliber. On the other hand, yes, the discussion does matter. Without ticking.
  6. In the 1,000-yard match-up between the 168 grain SMK .308 and the 147 grain ELD Match 6.5, the .308 drops 41.6% more, drifts 96.9% more (twice as much! — 8.86 feet vs 4.5 feet), and goes transonic at just 63.2% of the distance as the 6.5. And it recoils with 30% more force, making it harder to spot your own impacts and less pleasurable to shoot. This 6.5 is going almost 50% faster at 1,000.
  7. Description.45-70-405, BC .21, MV 1350 f/s, 320' elevation plotted against 7.62x51mm 168gr BTHP, BC .484, MV 2500 f/s, elevation 78' Both bullets cross zero elevation about 1580 yards ou

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The .45-70 rifle cartridge, also known as .45-70 Government, was developed at the U.S. Army's Springfield Armory for use in the Springfield Model 1873, which is known to collectors as the Trapdoor Springfield. As is usual with military ammunitions, the .45-70 was an immediate hit among sportsmen as well, and the .45-70 has survived to the present day. Today, the traditional 405 grain (26.2 g. Munitions de chasse calibre 45-70 ,retrouvez un large choix d'articles aux prix les plus bas du net sur meyson.fr, livraison en 24/48H00, paiement sécurisé pa Look up 45-70 Vs nilgai bull on this site. When I was there I witnessed one feller take 5-6 nilgai with a scoped 7mm wsm, he was a top rated clays shooter. The ranch rifles were BAR 300wm. If using a GG, I'd shoot heavy cast or premium jacketed bullets. We killed 17?,iirc, that weekend. Many were taken running, so shot placement was difficult. I had the only levergun in the camp. Few of the. The .45-70 does not have to be loaded to lever action or bolt action levels to be very effective on game. No matter what round you're hunting with you have to match the bullet to the game. The variety of bullets available today were not available back then. I'm not a fan of hardcast bullets for hunting though I do load my Redhawk with them for bear defense. You also have to do your research.

The .45-70 Government has been with us for more than 125 years and is still very much alive. As a short-range cartridge for anything from deer to grizzly bear, the .45-70 will hold its own with most of our more modern developments. Its greatest fault is its curved trajectory that makes it difficult to place shots beyond 150 yards with any certainty. Hornady's LeveRevolution pointed, polymer. Battle of the Black Bear Cartridges: .308 Win. vs. .338 Federal vs. .45-70 Govt. October 11, 2019 [ad_1] (Left to right) .308 Winchester, .338 Federal, .45-70 Government. (Ron Spomer/) Losing sleep over which black bear cartridge to choose? You have company. Hunters probably fret more over the best black bear cartridge than any other. And why not? Large canine teeth, claws, and the strength to.

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223 vs 308 Winchester: Comparing Performance. Comparing two very different cartridges, like the .223 Remington and the .308 Winchester can be difficult, as they are used for different purposes; it's not unlike trying to compare a fuel-efficient car and a tow truck. However, we can look at their general characteristics to help you understand. 45 70 Rifle to find out where to get the best deal on 45 70 Rifle. Ebook pdf. Vs 308. Shop for Low Price Vs 308 .Compare Price and Options of Vs 308 from variety stores in usa. products sale. Today, if you do not want to disappoint, Check price before the Price Up.Vs 308 You will not regret if check price. compare Vs 308 A .45-70 with a 350gr cast lead bullet (left) compared to a 7.62x51mm (.308 Winchester) cartridge. Due to excellent the reputation it earned while in use with the Army, the .45-70 quickly became.

308 Vs 6,5x55, 300 yards. Thread starter Northman; Start date Jun 29, 2014; Northman. Jun 29, 2014 #1 I am wondering, is there any bullet fired through a 308 Win, that can compete with a 6,5x55 shooting 144 Sierra at 2600fps 140 Sierra at 2650fps 123 Sierra at 2800fps with a max range of 300yards? I have a 308 with a 27 barrel. TonyR. Jun 29, 2014 #2 I can only speak directly to the Berger. .308 vs .30-06 - Which Is Better? January 24, 2020 ; Comparisons; Share . Tweet . Pin . Check the latest deals on Brownells! When it comes to big game hunting, there are two all-time favorite rifle cartridges on the market — the .308 Winchester and the .30-06 Springfield. Although these two rifle cartridges are pretty similar and they even share history, people can't seem to stop. Donc cette MARLIN 1895 SBL est en calibre 45-70, un bon calibre d'arrêt. Magasin de 6 balles. Elle possède un nouveau levier de sous garde, plus large et plus ergonomique que le classique qui datait un peu. Elle permet notamment le tir avec des gants ou des mitaines (mon choix), sans se pincer les doigts ! Je vous défis de tirer confortablement avec cet antique levier de sous-garde ! Je n.

.45-70 Gov't vs .444 Marlin In the era of 5.56 rifles, it's hard to imagine that the .45-70 was once the cartridge of choice for the U.S. military. It offered plenty of stopping power and impressive accuracy relative to its 1873 release date, and the government soon adopted the cartridge and the Trapdoor Springfield as the standard rifle/cartridge combo for cavalry soldiers Marlin 1895GBL 45-70 Lever Action Rifle w/ 18.5-inch Barrel and Two-Tone Laminate Stock $849.94 $779.99; Notify Me When Available; Brand: Marlin; Item Number: 70456; Winchester Model 1886 45/70 Govt Short Lever-Action Rifle $1,339.99 $1,079.99; Brand: Winchester; Item Number: 534175142; Winchester Model 1885 45-70 Traditional Sporter Case Hardened Lever-Action Rifle $1,249.99; Brand.

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Phoenix ships 50 .45-70 Auto cases with each rifle. This case, once rebated, can be reloaded easily using existing load information for the .45-70, based on Ruger No.1 loads, and the reloader can use standard .45-70 die sets with the exception of using a .308 shell holder Modern .45-70 Gov't. Cartridges Fans of this venerable big-bore cartridge will be glad to know that it's nowhere near to becoming extinct any time soon. I found no less than 18 ammunition. save the 45/70 for hogs and bear, the 7 mag with 150 grain rounds is great for ga deer, I have laid down many deer with that round, if you do it right you can almost not waste any meat. With that 45/70 you are almost always gonna destroy some meat. Feb 14, 2006 #19. 2. 257 roberts Senior Member . Feb 14, 2006 #19. I agree with 7maghunter besides you need a backup rifle. Feb 15, 2006 #20. Bruz. All you 45-70 shooters please give me some feedback on recoil as compared to a .308 or .300 winmag. I am 70 years old but still shoot about 20 rounds with my .308 about every two weeks at the range with no problem. However, I fired 3 rounds from a friends .300 Winchester Magnum and it took a week to work the soreness out of the shoulder. I want to buy a 45-70 but not if I can't handle the. 45-70 is hard to compare to 06. Are you using Hornady lever revolution ammo. 325 gr spire type bullet. I use a Marlin XLR in 45-70 for my close gun with ghost ring sights. .375 H&H for my long gun. I row/drift hunt a 20' boat for moose and bears and have both rifles at my fingertips. The 45-70 is, at best, a 200 yard gun. And that's if you.

~~~~~ 308 Marlin Express Vs 308 Winchester ~~~~~ 06-19-2017, 09:07 PM. WARNING the 308~W is Not interchangeable with the 308~Marlin Express. Both are Rifle & Lever Gun Cartridges. Witch one fits Your Hunting stile. Tags: None. Pmacc60 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Join Date: Jan 2013; Posts: 2824; Share Tweet #2. 06-19-2017, 10:02 PM. Treestand, not a big fan of either but the 308 win all day long! A much. Source(s): The .338 and 45/70 both are used quite frequently here in the South. And a few shooters carrying the .375 H&H all used on deer.They aren't overkill if you use heavy for caliber bullets meaning skip the lighter weights and use the heaviest. No worse on ruined meat than a .308, .270 or 30/06 now looking at both, .308 in the US is very easy to come across. if you intend on reloading, it offers a lot. but the other thing that hasn't been mentioned is in the .308 action, if in the future you wish to go other bullets (6.5 creedmore, 260 remington, 260 remington AI, 7-08, 7-08 AI) all can be performed from the .308 platform by ordering a new barrel. the Swede is just a very efficient.

The .45-70 was designed in 1873 by the U.S. Government at the Army's Springfield Armory for use with the Springfield Model 1873. The .45-70 has no parent case and is a rimmed tapered design that fits a .458 inch bullet with a large rifle primer. The original weight of the bullet was 405 gr and in 1879 added a new version with a 500 grain bullet Guns and Shooting Online has compiled an extensive table comparing the recoil of many rifle cartridges and bullet weights in rifles of various weight

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The .45-70 is a superier deer gun in that it does have more reach, terminal energy at a longer distance and shoots a wider slug than the .30-30 Winchester. Better deer guns than both the .45-70 and .30-30 are:.243 Winchester.6mm Remington.25-06 Remington.270 Winchester.308 Winchester.30-06 Springfiel Amovible, le chargeur de la Ruger Gunsite Scout KM77, avec sa belle contenance pour 10 cartouches de 308 Win, la dote de la capacité de feu d'une vraie carabine d'éclaireur. La crosse de la KM77 308 est réalisée en bois lamellé-collé noir. Esthétique avec ses nuances dégradées du gris au noir, le lamellé-collé présente surtout l. And why not 45/70? 450 vs 45/70 which is better ?? confused89. Joined Nov 2006; Posts 1151; EE Offline; IN, USA. Posted: 4/28/2017 10:03:23 PM EDT 45-70 cause. Seriously, there is nothing like throwing a 405 grain lead weight downrange and watching it hit the gong with enough force to move the stand. CAKEPWNER. Joined May 2016; Posts 938; EE Offline; USA. Posted: 4/28/2017 10:03:31 PM EDT .45.

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  1. They feed and eject perfectly, giving much better range/ power vs the 450BM or a lever action 45-70. If you can stand it, you can churn a 350gr out at 26xx with a 22 barrel without issue. Adam ab_bentley, Dec 17, 2017 #11. muleman69, mikeinct and sbhooper like this. Jaybo Gold $$ Contributor. Joined: Jul 25, 2015 Messages: 240. 45-70 would be my choice of the 2. But I like the 444 Marlin.
  2. - Marlin Firearms: 336 30-30 and .35 Rem, 308, 338, 410, 444, 1894 (44 Mag, 45 Colt, 357, and all other models), 1895 450M and 45-70 - Henry Repeating Arms: 30-30, 45-70, 410 and Big Boy rifles (All models in 357 Mag, 44 Mag and 45 LTC) Low profile and the strongest picatinny scope mount optics rails on the market. Designed from the receiver up, these low-profile scope mount rails offer.
  3. I am a fan of the 45-70 and have an H&R single shot. You can warm the loads a bit more than factory, but not much. The 336 will handle the mid loads which is quite an improvement over the factory loads. The 336 has no extra room (tolerance) for something larger than the 45-70. A little research puts the KE of the 444 between the 45-70 factory and the 45-70 336 loads. The 450 Marlin exceeds.
  4. 9MM.223 / 5.56 45 ACP.22 Long Rifle 12 Gauge.308 Winchester 40 S&W.38 Special View All Calibers. By Type. Handguns Rifles Shotguns NFA Items Muzzleloaders Left Handed View All Firearm Types. Used Guns . Used Handguns Used Long Guns Police Trade-Ins View All Used Guns. Qualified Professional. Handguns Rifles Shotguns View All. State Compliant. California Massachusetts. Choose Your Serial Number.
  5. Fait l'essai d'une 45-70 et d'une 30-30 avant de choisir. Personnellement pour la chasse fine ou rapprochée j'opterais pour la 45-70 avec un boulet de 300 pour le chevreuil ou 350 grains pour l'orignal. Je crois que la chasse fine regagne de la popularité ce qui est une bonne chose selon moi. Je fais actuellement des essais avec une 45-70 et l'on obtient une très bonne précision à 100.

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  1. Silencing .45-70 represents a bit of an issue as the extra oomph of the venerable buffalo killer would overwhelm the pistol cans that have an aperture large enough to handle them. Enter SilencerCo's Hybrid . . . The Hybrid is rated for everything from 9mm up to .45-70 including the .338s. It will mount to your pistol of choice using the included pistol housing (piston sold separately.
  2. Le rayon munitions de chasse de Frankonia. La boutique en ligne Frankonia vous propose un grand choix de munitions de chasse, afin de répondre au mieux à votre demande en terme de calibre et d'arme.Pour les armes de chasse, comme les carabines à verrou, les express et les stutzen, mais également les fusils superposés, juxtaposés et semi-auto, nous disposons d'une large gamme de munitions.
  3. I love my Marlin 45-70 but for longer ranges I use my Marlin 308 Marlin Express. I have absolutely no use for a 300 Mag. They seem to be the most popular cartridge on the for sale ads along with the 7MM Mag. May 8, 2013 #5. GunnSmokeer Senior Member. May 8, 2013 #5. Get What You Want First of all, if you sell your .300 Win Mag, rifle, do you have some other scoped rifle in a flat-shooting long.
  4. @Get Started #1 Popular price of Shop for Low Price 308 Ammo Vs 30 06 Price And 45 70 Ammo Walmart Price
  5. Elevation (yards).45-70 405gr FP @ 1350f/s vs 7.62x51mm 168gr BTHP @ 2500f/s Range (yards) 1600 100 80 60 40 20 0-20 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 45-70-405 7.62x51mm.45-70 405gr FP @ 1350f/s vs 7.62x51mm 168gr BTHP @ 2500f/s Range (yards) 1600 100 80 60 40 20 0-20 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 45-70-405 7.62x51m

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Magnum Research BFR Long Cylinder SS Single 45-70 Government 7.5 5 Black Rubber Stainless MRI's Big Frame Revolver is the biggest, finest revolver on the market today. Entirely manufactured in the US, it is designed as a magnum from the ground up. The BFR is all stainless and has a cut rifled barrel that delivers unmatched accuracy with lead or jacketed bullets. The BFR is the most powerful. 45 70 by a huge margin, out of a marlin rifle with marlin level loads it is a much more sure stopper. Possibly both would be fine in your circumstances, but I don't know them, nor you and how you might find use for them. Given the question as I get it 45 /70 hands down. I prefer hot 45 long colts in lever actions if Im using pistols or carbines in pistol calibers as a problem solver. Nothing. 45-70 Magnum - Lever Gun Ammo 405 gr. J.F.N. @ 2,000 fps/M.E. 3,597 ft lbs 20 Round Box. ITEM 8B. PRESS RELEASE FOR BUFFALO BORE 45-70 MAGNUM-LEVER GUN (ITEMS 8A, 8B, 8C, 8D, and 8E) Our 45-70 ammunition is externally identical to SAAMI spec 45-70 ammo, but internally it generates FAR more power and pressure. So, our 45-70 ammo will fit into ANY 45-70 firearm but is not safe in every 45-70. In this cartridge comparison, we are going to examine two cartridges that behave very similar in the ballistics category. The 7mm-08 vs .308 argument is a newer one, relative to some other cartridge arguments that have now been raging for nearly a century, in the hunting and shooting world, as the 7mm-08 was introduced in the 1980's

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45-70 vs 375 ruger power, recoil, are these cartridges over kill in hogs? I am looking at them in a Ruger No.1. Should I be looking at 30-06, 308, 7x57, 270? If this makes a difference I plan on reloading also, All shots 100yards or less, iron sights, will use on deer but not much. Thanks.. The .45-70 is not the best choice of gun, because of range limitations, but I wouldn't let that keep you from using it. When you get down to brass tacks, you are essentially shooting the same round out of a .45-70 as you would for a 50 cal. muzzleloader that shoots a sabot. Also, there are many 50 cal. muzzleloaders on the market that will meet or exceed the performance of most .45-70 loads. If you searching for special discount you'll need to searching when special time come or holidays. Typing your keyword for example 458 Socom Vs 45 70 Ballistics Chart And Federal 308 Ammo For Sale 458 Socom Vs 45 70 Ballistics Chart And Federal 308 Ammo For Sale Reviews : You want to buy 458 Socom Vs 45 70 Ballistics Chart And Federal 308 Ammo For Sale Calibre: .45-70 Overall Length: 37 Magazine Capacity: Four Safety: Hammer block Stock: Chequered American black walnut Weight: 7lb (3.18kg) RRP Price: $1465 Score: 17.5 Highest scoring rifle Overall, the Marlin .45-70 shot very well, with impressive groups by all three reviewers. Brendan experienced good results using Remington 300gn Express loads. Groups shot offhand were much better than. 6.5 Grendel Vs. 308: Which Is Better? **Disclosure: AdventureFootstep is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission (no added cost for you). Grendel 6.5mm (6.5 × 39mm) is an intermediate cartridge with a size of 6.5 x 39 mm. The bullet is designed exclusively for AR-15 with high accuracy and low recoil. Meanwhile, the 308 is for civilian.

The .358 Win. was simply a .308 Win. necked up to .35 caliber. It is capable of driving a. 200-grain bullet to almost 2500 f.p.s. and is a good cartridge for hunting the thick woods for deer, hogs. I have killed 5 hogs, all shot in the head. I used a .308 for 40 years before I bought the 45-70, Marlin 1895 guide gun with ported barrel. I may go back to the .308 one day but right now, I am enjoying the 45-70. If I had to choose between a rifled slug and the 45-70, no contest, I would take the 45-70 Let me walk you through a non-biased 308 vs. 30-06 review. First of all, the two cartridges share a lot of history. The 308 Winchester was birthed by the 30-06 back in 1952. This showdown, 30 06 vs. 308, will be hard to call! The two have more similarities than differences. Let us begin by understanding the two cartridges historically. Important Note About Safety : It is alarming for America.

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Look no further for your .45-70 Government ammunition! We have all the best brands for your rifle at the best prices, ready to ship right to your door 45-70 ammunition for sale with free shipping on bulk ammunition orders available only at Target Sports USA. We carry 45-70 ammo from top brand ammo manufacturers such as Federal, Remington, Winchester, Hornady, PMC and others. Weather you are buying bulk 45-70 ammunition for target shooting or personal protection 45-70 ammo, we've got it all This .45-70 Govt or Cowboy Action Ammo is perfect for any shooter, and affordable too! Check out your favorite brands like Remington, Federal, and Ultramax today! Use this .45-70 Government Ballistics Chart for the firing specifics of your .45-70 Government Ammo. .45-70 Government Ammo . Show In Stock Only . Today's Deals. Please select a Today's Deals. Option: New Arrivals (1) Option: Rebates.

Gunpowder Charge Weight Velocity m/s Velocity fps; Norma 200: Max 45.1 Min 42.0: 996 942: 3268 309 308 Ammo Vs to find out where to get the best deal on 308 Ammo Vs. Ebook pdf. 45 70. Shop for Best Price 45 70 .Compare Price and Options of 45 70 from variety stores in usa. products sale. Today, if you do not want to disappoint, Check price before the Price Up.45 70 You will not regret if check price. how do I get 45 70 The .45-70 Auto is the Brainchild of the Owner and Founder of Phoenix Weaponry, Aaron Cayce. Born from the original .45-70 Government, developed in 1873, this modernized cartridge steps into the modern hunting game generating an excess of 4,000 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle. This rifle is built on our venerable billet AR10 upper and lower receiver, coupled with a custom barrel and barrel bushing

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.405 Winchester vs. .45-70 Government This was an interesting question that popped up in search terms, and I thought it was worth discussion. The .405 Winchester is a pretty serious big game cartridge, intended for Winchester's Model 1895 lever-action rifle. Designed from the ground up as a smokeless powder round, it is just short of being considered a real dangerous game cartridge by virtue. 16″ 308 rifle #3. Finally the rifle that started my personal short-308 craze. This gun started with a 20″ barrel in Custom Remington 700 Build: Our twist on a light tactical rifle. At some point after that, I decided to chop it down and was glad I did. Here are the parts used to build this rifle: Remington 700 Short Action 308 bolt fac 45-70 Government 250 gr MonoFlex ® LEVERevolution ® Item #82741 | 20/Box US Patent: 9,513,092 | 8,413,587 | 8,161,885 | 7,380,502. LEVERevolution ® represents a breakthrough in ammo design for lever action rifles and revolvers. The key to its innovation and performance is the patented elastomer Flex Tip ® technology of the FTX ® and MonoFlex ® bullets. Safe to use in tubular magazines. La munition.30-30 Winchester est une cartouche de chasse à percussion centrale mise au point pour la Winchester 94 en 1895 par John Moses Browning.Son nom provient de son calibre de 0,30 pouce anglais et de sa charge propulsive de 30 grains de poudre pyroxylée (1,95 g).Cette munition fut la première cartouche de chasse et de sport à utiliser de la poudre dite « sans fumée » (utilisant.

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I really have not shot IMR-4831 in the 45-70 enough to really form an opinion yet. I do think there is an accuracy load here and I may not have to load it to the max to find it. And that will be fine. BTW- the un-burnt powder issue does not seem to be very bad in this case. Only a very few yellow/brown pieces left in the barrel and none in the chamber. I was not using a crimp - I will try a. Probably one of the best scopes for .45-70 is the Aim sports because of its high magnification of 42mm and a tube body of 30mm diameter. This is a toughie made from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum. It is treated with nitrogen and sealed with weather seals to make it weather resistant. You need not worry about recoil and eye fatigue with this one. Rangefinder reticle for accuracy. The. The .45-70 can be a gas to shoot, especially with standard loads. I load my Marlin 1895 from mild to wild. A charge of 13.5g HS6 under a 300g or 350g hardcast yields 1167fps and 1091fps respectively, with about half the recoil of many .30-30 factory loads. These loads are very accurate and great for varmints at close range, but the trajectory is very rainbowish. My daughters love these loads.

Sharps '74 45-70 vs Lazzeroni .308 'Warbird' Post by Todd Birch » Fri Nov 02, 2007 4:43 pm T'other day I thought to burn up some 45-70 ammo that had been lying around for a while before winter sets in. During my range session, a guide showed up with two clients from Idaho, each with a Lazzeroni .308 'Warbird', bipods, Leupold 3x12/50mm scopes, synthetic stocks, etc. They wanted to check their. B-TABLE EQUIVALENCE PNEUS MODERNES (véhicules légers ): On part de la monte d'origine ( par exemple 145/65R13 ) pour choisir la colonne de série ( ici 65 ) puis on glisse vers le bas dans la colonne jusqu'à la taille considérée (145/65R13) 6.5 Swede vs. 308's Discussion in 'The Ammo & Reloading Forum' started by 2nd Abeliever, Dec 19, 2009. Dec 19, 2009 #1 . 2nd Abeliever Guest. Joined: Nov 20, 2009 Messages: 15. Hi all! Greetings. I have recently been reading on different web sites about the ballistics and what-not concerning these two rounds (6.5x55 & 308). I have read in some sites where folks wouldn't dare compare anything. .308 Winchester (7.62x51mm NATO) The .308 is by far the most popular sniping round, and for good reason. The .308 is not punishing to shoot, has excellent terminal ballistics, behaves predictably in the wind, and perhaps most important is that it is consistent. While there are many cartridge choices that outperform the .308 in ballistics, there are few that perform as consistently as the .308.

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Black Hills newest HoneyBadger hunting load is a 325-grain .45-70, which turns this venerable cartridge into something George Armstrong Custer would never believe. HoneyBadger bullets are non-deforming, non-fragmenting projectiles with wide, sharp flutes at the business end. Think ballistic broadheads that cut through barriers that cause standard hollow points to fail. Upon striking the target. Le .30-06 Springfield, parfois appelé 7,62 x 63 mm, est un calibre d'arme à feu introduit par l'armée américaine en 1906 (d'où le -06).. Ce calibre a été utilisé au cours des deux guerres mondiales, notamment dans les US model of 1917, US Springfield M1903 et BAR M1918 pour la Première Guerre mondiale, puis M1 Garand et Browning M1919 pour la Seconde Guerre mondiale Head to Head: .308 Winchester vs. .30-06 Springfield. by Philip Massaro - Friday, April 6, 2018. More. SUBSCRIBE. Ah, boy. I get this one a lot from different ammunition customers, as well as those looking for the consummate rifle to do it all. I'd have thought that by now—some 56 years after the introduction of the .308 Winchester as a sporting round—the feud would have settled down. The 45 RAPTOR expands the 308 WINCHESTER family of cartridges that has seen production of almost every caliber from .243 to .358. In the design and development process, rather than create an entirely new set of cartridge dimensions, it became apparent that matching the case length and body dimensions of the 460 SMITH & WESSON MAGNUM would provide significant benefits to the consumer. In that. There are few things as deeply ingrained into American firearms culture as a lever action .45-70 rifle, especially when it's made right here on U.S. soil. It evokes images and fantasies of days past while still being wholly capable in the hands of a modern hunter. The Lever Action X Model .45-70 borrows all that nostalgia and crams it into a feature-packed modern big bore rifle that begs to.

45-70 Govt: The Ultimate Guide To What You Need To Know

The .308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm NATO was created in 1952 and is based on the .300 savage round a round created in 1920. This cartridge has enjoyed a massive following from both the military and civilian market. The .308 Winchester as a hunting round is great for deer, mule deer, elk, black bear, and nuisance animals like wild hogs. The 7.62x51. Best price Daflon 500 Mg For Varicose Veins And Doppler Test For Varicose Veins

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